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By : Kris Gironella

A Flipbykes Team Video.

Its been a while since we did an actual team edit. Now we are proud to bring you a simple video that captures what Flipbykes is all about - diversity. Riders from different parts of the Philippines unite on a singular goal that is to support the ever growing BMX scene. It doesnt matter if your discipline is Flatland or Street or where you came from - Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, we all came from the same root. Its always not easy to be a rider on a Third World Country like ours but we make sure that there are means to overcome the obstacles that hinders us from enjoying our passion. BMX has been here since the late 70s and its here to stay even getting stronger every passing day. We dedicate this to all the riders that share our principles and dreams. We already have proven that poverty is never an excuse for progress whether in our daily lives, our work or in BMX. We will make an impact that will shake the whole nation and the world - WE ARE THIRD WORLD BUT WE RIDE 1st CLASS!!!

Flatark World Circuit 2014 Result
1st - Uchi
2nd - Viki
3rd - Dub

Migs 1st 2014 Edit. Enjoy!

Its been a while since someone dreamed and made a difference regarding the BMX scene in the Philippines. Where does this go? Our crew at Fl!p Bykes will make the scene a step higher to conquer more goals and to lift the flag of Pinoy Riders in the whole global BMX scene whatever discipline you are into like street, dirt, park and flatland as long as you are dedicated enough no one will stop you on your road to victory.

Migz short edit

Renz year end edit promo! for all! BMX Philippines! BMX Asia! BMX global!
link: asia/Flipbykes_BuyNWin_2013_Promo.jpg
link philippines/Flipbykes_BuyNWin_2013_Promo.jpg

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